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    • Chris Barns
    • Jeramy Noland
    • Lamar Scott
    • Nathan Vance
    • Sammy Girmay
    • Semere Girmay

07/31/2010 - Saturday
Today i am going to start working on getting my rules and how to play stuff up. I am going to get the page up as soon as I can. When I open up the link, it will not be finished, but atleast something will be up. Like I stated before, this is UNDER CONSTRUCTION.
While reading through things, if you see anything i need to fix or elaborate on let me know. Or if there's anythig you think i should add in or edit or what not, like i said -let me know. I want this to be perfect, and to do so I'll need everyone's help.


Welcome to Faces of Death 2012. This RPG is a horror Survial RPG that will strain your ability to reason and think as well as your ability to handle a variety of different senarios and situation tot he best fo your abilities.

This RPG is not going to be easy on many levels. It's going to take time to learn and understand as well as gain your footing in understanding what you-and your character will be able to do. This is an original system designed by me, so its not like you can expect to know exactally what you're doing and how the game will run.

I am going to (As soon as I get a chance) start working on the story. IF you would like to write some 'journal enteries' or any kind of survivor messages (they can be random messages, not nessisarily by your character) feel free to start and start sending me things as soon as you want/can. I will be using these to give the RPG more of a mood, feeling, and setting to get people more into the story and what's going on around them. To give you more of a feel to this game instead of it just being that: a game. I want to get you all as involved as possible, and the only way to do that -is to get your help.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for the game -feel free to let me know ASAP. Though this is my little project and hopefully one of my proud children of success.... I would love to have any ideas and input that you could give me. I want this to be as much fun as possible while being filled with unexpected twists and turns to keep things exciting.

Feel free to aim me and let me know: CracMonkey21
Or send me an e-mail: (The site has a gmail, but i check my Yahoo more often.)